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Artist: The Smiths
Track: Girlfriend In A Coma
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1987
Theme: Healthcare


The Smiths - Live In Madrid, Full Show (1985)

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Happy Birthday Moz

Archie comics- Laugh issue #130 (1962)

I want a love that consumes me, a love that suffocates me,to the point that I nearly pass out. I want a love that forces me to get a heart transplant, because one heart is just not enough to hold all the love I have for you. I want a love so intense and so clear, that even a blind man could see it and smile. I want a love that at the end of each day I’m exhausted, from coming up with different ways to prove how much I love you.

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Alice in Wonderland (1915)

directed by W. W. Young

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Want this <3